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    Dr. Marty is great. He truly cares about your health. He listens and tries to help you in a holistic and nutrition-based way. I recommend that you check him out.

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    Dr. Marty has done a great job in helping relieve pressure on my lumbar area which has been messed up since a fall 3 years ago. He is very professional and unlike many Chiropractors I have seen in the past, he does not push for more treatments than I need. Whenever I begin to feel tightness, I call and he takes care of it quickly and easily. I would refer him to anyone whom I know that has back or neck problems.

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    This guys is amazing. He helped me to get through all 3 of my pregnancies. If it weren't for him, I wouldn't have been able to walk during my last pregnancy. He treated me as a top priority before, during and after my pregnancies. Over the past 15+ years Dr. Marty has treated me for everything from general well being to pregnancy and car accidents. Over the past decade he has treated my husband as well as all 3 of my children from infancy to present. I highly recommend him not just to people I don't know but trust him and recommend him to friends and family. You can trust that your concerns will be addressed and you will get the treatment you need and deserve with Dr. Marty!